Creating modern, graphic design-inspired embroidery art is my passion. I primarily use colorful yarn on a neutral fabric to make textural, pop-art designs. One goal with my embroidered art is to create a multi-sensory experience; to make the viewer want to look at it and touch it!

I love combining different materials to get as much texture and variety onto a canvas as possible. I like using contrasting elements such as flat, smooth sewing machine stitches along side puffy, hand-embroidered stitches.

My designs are often inspired by geometric shapes that I find in nature, food, and sometimes even in micro-organisms (interpreted in my own way and not necessarily anatomically correctly!).

From an early age I enjoyed tinkering with every form of art and craft that I could get my hands on. I first got interested in needlework as a kid, but found the available patterns to be too stuffy and old- fashioned for my taste. When I discovered modern freehand embroidery I immediately knew that I had found the perfect medium to translate my contemporary designs into bold and vibrant fiber art.

There’s nothing that I enjoy doing more than sketching a pattern onto a scrap of paper and then watching it transform on fabric into a colorful piece of art!